What’s Included? 

⇒Your Official Category 1 Australian Open Ticket

 ⇒Access to the Champions’ Lounge 

⇒$50 AUD gift voucher accepted at all vendors

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Dates Start Time Session Round
Ticket Price Combo Price 
Mon January 23rd  11 AM Day 4th Round  Sold Out!  Sold Out!
Mon January 23rd  7:30 PM Evening  4th Round  $400
Tues January 24th  11 AM Day Quarterfinals  $425  Sold Out!
Tues January 24th  7 PM Evening  Quarterfinals  Call for Availability!
Wed January 25th  11 AM Day Quarterfinals  $450  $850  
Wed January 25th  7:30 PM Evening  Quarterfinals  $575
Thurs January 26th  11 AM Day Women’s Semis  Sold Out!  Sold Out!
Thurs January 26th  7:30 PM Evening  Men’s Semi  Call for Availability!
Fri January 27th  3 PM  Twilight Men’s Semi  $700 N/A   
Sat January 28th  1 PM Twilight Women’s Final  $600
Sun January 29th  4:30 PM  Twilight Men’s Final (Row A)  Call for Availability!

Australian Open - Margaret Court Arena
Margaret Court Arena: Category 1 Tickets – Front Row Seating

Dates Time Session  Featured Matches Ticket Price
Mon January 16th  11 AM Day  1st Round  Sold Out!
Mon January 16th  7 PM Evening  1st Round  Sold Out!
Tues January 17th  11 AM Day  1st Round  Sold Out!
Tues January 17th  7 PM Evening  1st Round  Sold Out!
Wed January 18th  11 AM Day 2nd Round  Sold Out!
Wed January 18th  7 PM Evening 2nd Round  Sold Out!
Thurs January 19th  11 AM Day 2nd Round   Sold Out!
Thurs January 19th  7 PM Evening 2nd Round   Sold Out!
Fri January 20th  11 AM Day 3rd Round  Sold Out!
Fri January 20th  7:30 PM Evening 3rd Round  Sold Out!
Sat January 21st  11 AM Day 3rd Round   Sold Out!
Sat January 21st  7:30 PM Evening 3rd Round   Sold Out!
Sun January 22nd  11 AM Day 4th Round  Sold Out!
Sun January 22nd  7 PM Evening 4th Round  Sold Out!
Mon January 23rd  11 AM Day 4th Round  Sold Out!

2017 Australian Open Tickets & Hospitality – What’s Included

    • Ticket to the designated session
    • Access to the Champions’ Lounge Club
    • $50 Gift card to enjoy the food and drinks on the Australian Open grounds

2017 Australian Open Tickets – FAQ

Where Will my Seats be Located?

We have tickets in several different sections of the stadiums. All of our seats are CATEGORY 1 seating. In Rod Laver Arena, we offer seats in the third row on the sideline of the court, and in row P, 16 rows back on the baseline. Both options are excellent. But, if you are looking for the most amazing seats at the Australian Open, make sure you plan a day in Margaret Court Arena where we have seats in the FIRST ROW in section 19! It doesn’t get any better than that! You will have access to a Corporate Hospitality Marquee for lunch, dinner and relaxation. You also have unlimited access to 13 outside courts and Hisense Arena.

How Flexible are the Tour/Travel Dates?

They are very flexible. We have blocked seats for specific departure and return dates in January. However, you can travel to the South Pacific a few weeks earlier and stay through February…up to one month. Fares are available for longer stays. We have a variety of special side trips and stopovers to choose from. Click here to go to our Explore More packages to New Zealand and other Cities in Australia.

Are There Special Accommodations For Family or Groups?

Yes, Grand Slam Tennis Tours works with our clients to find appropriate rooms and suites for families and groups.

Do We Need a Visa for Australia?

Yes. If you are a US or Canadian Citizen you will need a VISA to enter Australia. If you book your international air flights with Grand Slam Tennis Tours, your VISA will be issued automatically with your tickets. If you choose to book your flights independently, ask your booking agent about your VISA.

How Long is the Flight to Australia?

Your flight crosses the International Date Line on its journey down to the South Pacific, so you actually ‘jump over’ this day. You actually arrive two days later than you departed. For example, if you leave on Fri. Jan. 13 you will arrive in Melbourne on Sun. Jan. 15. However, the day you have ‘lost’ on your flight down will be returned to you when you come back home again, so it all balances out in the long run. On your return, you arrive in LA earlier on the same day that you departed Melbourne.

How do we get to Melbourne Park, the tournament site?

The stadium is conveniently located on the edge of downtown Melbourne, less that one mile from our hotels. It’s a 10-15 minute walk or tram ride to the stadium. We will escort you to Melbourne Park on your first day.

When does play start?

Click here for a complete schedule of play.

During the first 11 days, day sessions start at 11:00 a.m and night sessions at 7:00 p.m. The last night session is the second Thursday. Friday session starts at 3:00 pm, Saturday at 1:00 p.m. and Sunday at 4:00 p.m. You will be advised of any last minute changes in scheduling.

How Do We Get Around Australia?

Australia is about the geographic size of the United States. We can plan itineraries usually with flights, as this is the most efficient way to see many places. However, trains, ferries and rental cars are also available and can be built into your package.