Top Five things to do at the US Open in 2016 with Grand Slam Tennis Tours


Welcome to Tennis & Travels, a column that applauds the readers who do decide to combine business with pleasure. Because life is short, and you should travel and play tennis—maybe even do both at once.

It’s time to start planning your trip to the 2016 US Open.

Even though there’s still two more months to go before the tennis in NYC, it’s never too early to start thinking about the US Open and now is the perfect time to start planning a trip to New York City for the tennis party that the Big Apple throws every year.

Even though we still have to get through Wimbledon and the hard-court summer series, planning your visit to Flushing Meadows right now for the US Open will ensure that your seats and hotel bookings are exactly how you’d like them. We can guarantee that booking your journey with us at Grand Slam Tennis Tours means that there’s a package with your name on it.

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As is typically the case at major events, we at Grand Slam Tennis Tours offer you a variety of five-day options, all of which vary in prices depending on the rounds of the tournament they span as well as the ticket choices.

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By and large, the itinerary is the same: you arrive on your first day and check in to the JW Marriott Essex House hotel, an iconic hotel mere steps from Central Park and landmarks like The Lincoln Center, Rockefeller Center, Carnegie Hall and the likes. You’ll spend days 2, 3 and 4 either at Arthur Ashe or Louis Armstrong stadiums watching the best tennis players in the world battle it out, and on day 5, your last day, you get a tour of the incredible New York City.

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Our top five things to do when attending the US Open: 

As you see, there is a variety of excursions available to you, meant to enhance your trip with reasons other than tennis—and there are ways to do that in Flushing Meadows at the US Open itself, as well. Why not take a photo in front of the unisphere? You can be a tourist in NYC after all, right?

At Flushing Meadows, dress to impress but don’t forget to bring layers. Day and night change drastically on-site and the first week of the event tends to be much hotter than the second week, because it leads into the end of summer.

You can watch a night match at Arthur Ashe stadium in what always is the best and rowdiest atmosphere in the sport—think of it as a constant Davis Cup match. If you prefer a more intimate setting, head out to court 17 where every seat is a great seat.

And speaking of intimate setting, the practice courts are a wonderful place to see your favorite stars with their guards down.

If you’d like to venture away from tennis, you’ll have plenty to do. Head to the Heineken red star Café for a beverage of your choice. The tournament offers a number of restaurants for tennis fans, options that are as varied in style as they are of high quality. 

Finally, make sure to checkout our recently added Bryan Brothers US Open packagewhich gives you access to an interactive clinic with the best doubles team of all-time!

So, if you’re looking to watch the finals of the Open up-close-and-personal and want the undivided attention of our Grand Slam Tennis Tours hosts, then give us a call today to receive your quote and begin your journey to tennis in NYC. 

Every year, the US Open feels and functions, at least here in North America, as the big tennis party, as a celebration of the sport. It’s the closest thing the sport has to its own Super Bowl; who wouldn’t want to be there to witness history in the making?

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