Welcome to the Big Apple

Welcome to Tennis & Travels, a new column that applauds the readers who do decide to combine business with pleasure. Because life is short, and you should travel and play tennismaybe even do both at once.

Its the city so nice that the Gods named it twice. Or better yet, they say that a (Big) apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Forget the lame puns, sure, but the point is that right now all eyes of the tennis world are on New York and will remain so for two weeks for the big and rowdy party otherwise known as the US Open.

Alright alright, the tournament is in Queens, at Flushing Meadows but you understand.

Every year, the world of tennis spends 14 days in the large American metropolis for what always serves as a de facto end of the current tennis season and the fourth and final Grand Slam. (Theres more tennis after the US Open, yes, but its also the launch of the football, hockey and basketball seasons.)

As a Grand Slam, the US Open is such that if you happen to have bought a ticket (perhaps with Grand Slam Tennis Tours? Surely theres a package with your name on it) for the event, youre sure to see a match or three that will interest you. And hey, perhaps youll even get to see up close Reilly Opelka, Harry Taylor Fritz, Michael Mmoh or others from the new crop of young American players.

In short? In short, the US Open is fun.

 In large part because attending a match in person is fun.

Its in New York. Right? Did I mention that already? No, I dont mean in that way. Look there are plenty of reasons to visit New York, especially at this time of the year. But you dont have to spend all of your time in Flushing Meadows at the UTSA BIllie Jean King National Tennis Center. Look, the place is only a 31-minute drive from Manhattan.

In Manhattan, youll find every possible tourist attraction you may have wanted to see. The Empire State Building. Times Square. The new One World Trade Center. Rockerfeller Center. The Metropolitan Museum of Art. And so many others.

In between a visit here or there, be sure to stop by a food truck for what is typically mildly great food and head for a stroll in Central Park.

My point is thisthere are plenty of reasons to visit New York City at this time of the year, but you only need this one. In this city where no one stops at nothing on their ongoing quest for excellence and riches, where everyone only ever moves between deadlines, you dont.

You get to buck the trend. And to watch tennis while youre at it.

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