Match Nights: Australian Open

Match Nights is our series of timeless matches hosted on our website. Our Australian Open experience will be available until February 8, 2021, so watch at your leisure!

We also have a Western & Southern Open experience: click here and watch by February 15, 2021!

G'day! You've arrived at our lovely hospitality suite at the Happy Slam. Before you head to your first-row seats, cool off for a bit and get ready with the following:

  1. Prepare your space: The most comfortable living room set-up, either solo or with fellow spectators. Our Front Row Super Series seats in Rod Laver Arena are padded, so make this set-up nice and soft. 
  2. Pick a match: We're going back to 2009 for one of the matches that continually appears on “best matches ever” lists. Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco provided a left-handed battle for the ages in over five hours of a semifinal match. We suggest picking it up with Verdasco serving at 4–5 in the third. (To do this, skip to about 3 hours, 22 minutes on the video above.)
  3. Grab some food: Wherever you are, these late-night Aussie matches tend to run into the “morning”. With that in mind, and with an appreciative nod to the amazing breakfast offered at The Langham, we suggest a flat white paired with some bacon and eggs. 
  4. Mix the drinks: We mentioned the flat white above, but if you’re looking for something to transport you to Melbourne Park we would also suggest an Aperol Spritz. Simply fill a large wine glass with ice, mix equal parts Prosecco (60ml) & Aperol (60ml) with a splash of soda (30ml) and a wedge of orange.
  5. Get dressed: The Aussie is fantastically casual and has an anything-goes approach to fandom. Don some shorts and a shirt, and maybe sport some flip-flops (or, as the Aussies call them, thongs or pluggers) around the house to complete the vibe.

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