Wimbledon 2024 Schedule of Play

Looking for tickets to Wimbledon? Grand Slam Tennis Tours sells tickets and travel packages to tennis events around the world, including Debenture tickets to all sessions of Wimbledon. Orders of play (when a specific player will play and on what court) are generally released the evening before the session.

*While we sell Debenture Tickets, please note that we are not an official hospitality provider to the AELTC or The Championships.

Date – SessionSession #Gates openPlay starts (show courts)Play starts (outer courts)Featured matches (singles)
Mon 1 July – Day110:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMFirst round
Tue 2 July – Day210:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMFirst round
Wed 3 July – Day310:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMSecond round
Thu 4 July – Day410:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMSecond round
Fri 5 July – Day510:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMThird round
Sat 6 July – Day610:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMThird round
Sun 7 July – Day710:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMFourth Round
Mon 8 July – Day810:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMFourth Round
Tue 9 July – Day910:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMLadies' and Gentlemen's Quarterfinals
Wed 10 July – Day1010:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMLadies' and Gentlemen's Quarterfinals
Thu 11 July – Day1110:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMLadies' Semifinals / Mixed Doubles Final
Fri 12 July – Day1210:30 AM1:00 PM11:00 AMGentlemen’s Semifinals
Sat 13 July – Day1310:30 AM2:00 PM Centre / 1:00PM No. 111:00 AMLadies' Final / Gentlemen's Doubles Final
Sun 14 July – Day1410:30 AM2:00 PM11:00 AMGentlemen’s Final / Ladies' Doubles Final
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