Sample Itinerary

Welcome to London!

On your first day, you'll arrive at your hotel in central London. Get settled; Grand Slam and hotel staff will be close by to help with any requests you might have.

In the evening, join the Grand Slam team, your fellow travelers, and a special tennis guest as we enjoy dinner, chat tennis and discuss the details of your time in London.

Get the royal treatment at Wimbledon

Over the next few days, you'll enjoy the tennis at the All England Club. Each morning, you'll head to the Grand Slam Tennis Tour's House, enjoy a gourmet brunch, and get ready for the day. The house is a short walk from both the Southfields Tube station and the grounds of Wimbledon. Feel free to stop by the GSTT House during the day for a snack, a cup of Pimm's, or to drop off a jacket; Wimbledon allows re-entry.

Explore London’s landmarks and play tennis on grass

Five-night and custom packages include a tour of some of London’s most iconic landmarks, such as Windsor Castle, Hampton Court, Westminster Abbey, and Tower of London. Your guided tour will end at a prestigious London tennis club, where you’ll have the opportunity to work on your shots with our pros—on grass courts!

Days off and extra excursions

Add an extra day or two for some time to shop or explore London. If you’d like, we can also arrange tickets to a museum or a West End play for you.

Time to head home

It's time to check out and start your journey home or to your next destination. Enjoy one more breakfast in London, and explore a nearby attraction in the city if you have time.