How to get Wimbledon tickets

A man approaches the Debenture Holders' Entrance at the All-England Lawn Tennis Club in Wimbledon.“How do I get into Wimbledon?”

This is a question we commonly hear from tennis fans. So, just how do you get Wimbledon tickets and watch the world’s best players battle it out on Centre Court or No.1 Court?

Wimbledon is unlike any of the other Grand Slams when it comes to getting your hands on a ticket. For most tennis events around the globe, you simply purchase a ticket for the session and seat you want. For the only Grand Slam of the year played on grass, the procedure is a little different.

We like to tell people that there are four ways to get through the gates of Wimbledon: luck, patience, connections, and cash.

Luck: win the lottery

First, you can enter the Wimbledon Public Ballot. Every year Wimbledon takes a portion of their tickets and offers them to the public via a ballot system. (There are two separate allotments: one for domestic hopefuls, and one for overseas entrants.) The lottery is oversubscribed every year as millions apply for their chance to travel to London for the event. Here at Grand Slam Tennis Tours, we’ve applied for the lottery for the past ten years and are yet to get a single ticket. If you happen to be one of the lucky few drawn for a ticket, you will be assigned a random seat on a random day, and it will be your job to fill that seat. You’ll still have to pay face value, though. (Read: you just scored some cheap Wimbledon tickets!

Hopeful attendees line up for hours in The Queue for Wimbledon tickets.Patience: wait in The Queue

Second, you can (try to) head into Wimbledon via The Queue. The Queue is the famous line that snakes outside the grounds of Wimbledon. Tennis fans from around the world camp out overnight in the hopes of being one of the select few at the front of the line who get a ticket to one of the show courts (Centre Court or Court No.1). The Queue can be a very interesting and historic place to visit, although it may not be your best bet for tickets. Pack weather-appropriate clothing; after all, it may be a while before you get to the front of the line.

Remember to check Wimbledon’s Twitter for updates. Sometimes the number of people in The Queue exceeds the capacity of the All-England Club! 

The Evening Standard compiled historic photos of The Queue from 1922–2017 in a 2018 article—see it here.

If you want to brave The Queue, be prepared for all the weather you may encounter in the hours (or days!) you spend lining up!

The Royal Box on Wimbledon's Centre Court as seen from a Debenture seat.Connections: be privileged… to the extreme

Of course, one surefire way into Wimbledon is to be a member of the Royal Family. No luck? Simply receive an invitation into the Royal Box from the Royal Family. (Sorry, we don’t have any helpful links for this option.)

Oddly enough, this method is simultaneously the hardest and the easiest way into Wimbledon.

Cash: purchase a Debenture ticket

Finally, you can attend Wimbledon with a Debenture ticket from a trustworthy source. Debentures are the only tickets that can be bought and sold on the open market. Sold in pairs every five years, Debentures are a season pass to Centre Court or No.1 Court. Debenture Holders are guaranteed a prime, lower bowl seat for every day of the competition. Needless to say, demand is high and supply is low at Wimbledon’s two intimate main stadiums. Therefore, Wimbledon is perhaps the most expensive sporting event in the world. Make sure any tickets you purchase from a third party are explicitly Debenture tickets—you won’t be able to get in with any other ticket type.

Here at Grand Slam Tennis Tours, we get some of the best debenture seats in the house. Plus, we’ll split up pairs of Debentures into individual tickets if needed—so if you’re not traveling in a pair, you’ll still be able to get in. Moreover, you can choose to purchase a package (with accommodation) or tickets only.

Guests dig into brunch at the Grand Slam Tennis Tours Hospitality House.

Bonus: the GSTT Experience

Above all, by purchasing a ticket from us, you get the full Grand Slam Tennis Tours experience. For one, you’ll receive access to our Hospitality House.Located just outside the gates of Wimbledon, the Hospitality House is a wonderful experience that you will not soon forget. Enjoy a catered brunch served by our chef Milli Taylor and chat with other tennis enthusiasts—you may even meet a current or former competitor! Once you are finished lounging in the garden after brunch, your VIP debenture entrance is only a short walk down the road. (Since the entrance is reserved for Debenture Holders only, you’ll be able to skip the otherwise lengthy entry lines.)

Debenture Holders watch the action on the outer courts from their perch at the Debenture Holders' Lounge's outdoor balcony.Wimbledon allows re-entry, and our guests are welcome to come back to the house at any point during the day. Grab a drink or a snack, watch the tennis on the telly, and chat about the on-court action with our enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff. The house is only a short walk from the gates, but if you’d prefer to stay on the grounds, Debenture tickets also grant you access to the Wimbledon Debenture Holders’ Lounge. Take your pick from several levels of air-conditioned restaurants and lounges. (Each of the two main stadiums has its own lounge.) Our favorite: overlook the grounds of Wimbledon from the rooftop with some champagne and strawberries and cream.

Ready to go? Help us plan your trip of a lifetime to Wimbledon, or call us at 888-910-2894 to chat with our sales staff. They’re ready and waiting to get you into the grounds of the All-England Club!

See you at the hospitality house in July!

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