Match Nights: Wimbledon

Match Nights is our series of timeless matches hosted on our website. Our other experiences are: the Western & Southern Open and the Australian Open.

Welcome to the All-England Lawn Tennis Club's Debenture Holders' Entrance! You'll be skipping the line to your plush seats this evening, so get ready with the following:

  1. Prepare your space: The most comfortable living room set-up, either solo or with fellow spectators. Perhaps you have a couch with a view of some grass, like we do at the Grand Slam Tennis Tours office.
  2. Pick a match: A riveting, iconic match. Sometimes one you know, maybe even a match you were courtside for, or if you can find a match to which you don’t know the winner, the suspense is a nice touch. We went with the 2008 Wimbledon Final, between Roger and Rafa, starting the match at the 5-all in the third set. (To do this, skip to the three-hour mark on the video above.)
  3. Grab some food: We took a page out of Hospitality House chef Milli Taylor’s book. Both literally, as we made the duo of beetroot hummus and blue cheese dip, from pg. 13 of her Perfect Party Bites cookbook. But also figuratively, as no Wimbledon viewing session would be complete without at least a small bowl of strawberries and cream. (Don’t need a whole bowl of strawberries and cream? Halve the strawberries, grab some toothpicks, and dip them in cream as you wish.)
  4. Mix the drinks: Wimbledon drinks come in a lot of forms, whether it’s the traditional Pimm’s Cup (which we did not opt for), a pint of luke-warm British ale (which we did not opt for), or some Whistlepig Whiskey, star of the 2019 Hospitality House. In the case of your box seat at home, the beauty of it is that you can drink precisely what you’d like. 
  5. Get dressed: Put on your Wimbledon whites! (Just be careful with the beet hummus!) Click here to find some inspiration for your fanciest Debenture Holder look yet. Spoiler alert: all men pictured are wearing suits. 

A bottle of WhistlePig Farmstock Rye amongst tennis balls, strawberries, and mint leaves. Grand Slam Tennis Tours promotional image.Bonus: our signature cocktail

Still deciding on a drink? Try our 2019 Wimbledon signature cocktail, the Centre Court.

Centre Court

Muddle two strawberries.
Throw in four nice pieces of mint, then add:

Shake and strain over fresh ice. Garnish with a mint sprig and half a strawberry.


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