The CA desert or Tennis in South Beach? How about both?

Say you live in North America. 

More specifically, say you live in Canada or on the American East coast; not in abstract terms, but say that you’re living there right now, currently, when it’s -18ºC or 0ºF outside and cold as all hell. Say you live there. That would mean that you’re currently in the dead middle of winter, with cold weather some days, colder weather with insane wind chill on others, and snow—lots of it, always.

Say all this and say you don’t particularly care for winter sports like hockey or skiing. Say, rather, that you prefer summer sports; say that you happen to be a tennis fan.

So you’re a tennis fan having the not time of your life in cold winter. What can you do? There’s a way for you to skip out on the dark last days of winter and misery and head to the warmth and sun of the American South in March. Not only that, but you could do so to go watch tennis.

The catch? The catch is that you must decide whether you want to visit sunny Indian Wells or sunny Miami. It’s a good problem to have, you know: whatever you choose, wherever you go, it’ll be sunny.

Here’s where you say what’s been obvious to you from the start. Sure, you could go to Indian Wells or Miami, to California or Florida. Or you could, you know, go to Indian Wells AND Miami.

I like how you think, my friend.


Tennis & Travels is a new column that applauds the readers who do decide to combine business with pleasure. Because life is short, and you should travel and play tennis—maybe even do both at once.

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