Event Structure

Read on for information about the event structure. Click here for the weekly schedule.


  • Best-of-three set format
  • Seven-point tiebreak at six-all in each set 
  • All calls are confirmed by the Chair Umpire
  • Players serve with their own balls.

Topnotch Tennis Tours MatchPlay 120 logoA performance-based leaderboard

The Topnotch Tennis Tours MatchPlay 120 series offers a ranking system and leaderboard concept, which will ring similar to the competitive standards everyone knows from the ATP and WTA tours. This ranking system will be based on the 120 match long season. 

A clear, data-supported path to winning

Ranking is determined by the highest percentage of games won, with a minimum qualification of five matches played.

If a player has completed more than five matches, only their best five results will count towards the standings.

And, of course, financial incentive

A prize will be awarded to one ATP and one WTA player, crowned as the series-long Grand Champion. The Grand Champion will have claimed the highest overall percentage of games won, with a minimum overall qualification of five matches played. 

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