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The Topnotch Tennis Tours MatchPlay 120 series set up 120 matches featuring top-300 ATP and WTA players. Matches were streamed live from locations around the country for seven weeks beginning May 25th, 2020. This ambitious series provided jobs for suddenly out-of-work tennis players, brought professional tennis back to tennis fans around the world, and delivered exciting live sports content to our partners at Genius Sports.





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An innovative live tennis series

The Topnotch Tennis Tours MatchPlay 120 series separates itself from the other exhibition events that are popping up in a few ways.

  • We have an enduring commitment to deliver 120 matches across six weeks of programming, not just a one-off event. 
  • The player field is full of consistent quality, with athletes coming from the ATP and WTA top 300, with many players are inside the top 100. The field includes ATP Tour and Challenger Tour title winners, Olympic medalists, and Davis and Fed Cup players. See the player list here.
  • We're using a standard, best-of-three set format that players and fans are familiar with, instead of different, abbreviated format other events are using. For more about the Event Structure and Rules, click here.
  • Our team has taken a creative approach with GeniusLive camera technology to create a match series streamed from various locations each day. 


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