Grand Slam Tennis Tours’ Hospitality House

The Grand Slam Tennis Tours Hospitality House is a lovely English home a short walk from the All-England Club gates. Fully-staffed throughout the fortnight, it’s where we host all of our guests and friends, whether it’s to sit and enjoy brunch in the garden, to drop off a jacket before you hustle off to tennis, or to relax with a post-match glass of wine.

Gourmet food and drink by a private chef

Food is provided by private chef Milli Taylor, who joins us every day to prepare not only brunch and afternoon tea, but also refreshing Pimm’s cups, beautiful bowls of strawberries and cream, and other fun and delicious treats. 

Tickets, brunch, and relaxation

In the morning, guests are welcome anytime after 10am to collect their daily tickets, enjoy brunch in the garden or, if the weather isn’t cooperating, in the solarium.  Some guests stay into the late morning to kick-off the matches on TV before leisurely joining the Centre Court crowd, and others like to be the first through the gates when they open. Since Wimbledon allows re-entry, guests often drop by in-between matches for a quick drink, to have a snack in the garden, or to shed their jacket if the day has warmed up. If you’ve made an appointment to play tennis with a GSTT pro at the local courts, you’re more than welcome to shower and change upstairs. 

Surprise guests

Wimbledon is a place where our partnership with Topnotch Management is able to elevate the experiences we create. This past year, guests came home after evening matches to find Sam [Querrey] and Steve [Johnson] eating BBQ chicken and relaxing in the backyard; together we all popped the magnum bottle of champagne that Steve had taken home after his recent victory in Nottingham. The next day, the very same guests sat in official Debenture seats to watch those play on Centre Court. Upon returning to the Hospitality House, Fred Stolle was there on the couch, having a sandwich, talking about the match. These are not standard tourism experiences, which is exactly as intended. 

Details and access

  • The Hospitality House is open during Wimbledon from 10am and until 1 hour after play ends.
  • Most Guests arrive via the Tube departing the Wimbledon Park stop, while others arrive by taxi or private car. From the house, it’s a short walk to the All-England Club gates. 
  • Access: All Grand Slam Tennis Tours package guests are welcome throughout their stay. Ticket-only guests are welcome on the day of their ticket. Hospitality-only guests must present a ticket to that day’s event or their special invitation to an event. 

You can visit our Hospitality House by booking one of our packages, through ticket-only purchases, via a daily Hospitality House pass (limited per day), or as a special event guest. To learn more, email us at or call, at +001 888-910-2894. 

You can visit our Hospitality House through our packages, through ticket-only purchases, via a daily Hospitality House pass (limited per day), or as a special event guest. To learn more, email us at or call, at +001 888-910-2894. 


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